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In this section we will inform you about the essential characteristics of Florida and the salient aspects when it comes to planning your vacations. Florida is one of the states of the United States of North America located to the south-east of the country and its capital is Tallahassee. It is a plain that stretches along the north of the Mexican Gulf and it is also a peninsula bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and by the Mexican Gulf to the west. Britton Hill is the highest peak of Florida with an elevation of 105 meters above the sea level.

Florida has a subtropical climate. During the June, July and August there is a warm and humid weather with temperatures surrounding 90° F (32° C) and a usual humidity of 100%. Humidity and temperature drop during December, January, February and March surrounding the 75° F (25° C) making those months the most pleasurable ones in terms of weather.

Rain is a constant element in Florida: it rains almost every day but briefly, and the sun does not take long to appear. In winter, rains are less frequent than during the rest of the seasons. As for storms, August, September and October are the hardest months for it is hurricane and flood season.

As we have said before, Florida does not have important mountain elevations, but it has beautiful beaches of white sand with huge palm trees and tropical vegetation. On the other hand, there are more that 1, 000 square miles of marshy land in the lower part of the peninsula. In this area we can see a considerable variety of tropical birds, animals and fish.

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Orlando is located in the center of Florida, 75 miles north-east of Tampa. Near of it, we can find Cabo Cañaberal, Kennedy Space Center and Cocoa Beach. There are two airports in Orlando: Orlando’s International Airport and Orlando’s Stanford Airport. Disney World is 10 miles south-east from downtown, on Route 4.

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