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About Disney World:

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disney vacationsDisney World resort is open all year long. Theme parks usually open at 9:00 AM and close, depending on the season of the year, between 6:00PM and 12:00AM, except for Animal Kingdom which, due to operational matters, opens between 7:00AM and 8:00AM everyday day and closes earlier than the other parks. Since business hours are subject to constant changes, you will have to either check the schedules on the Web sites or phone Disney World, though usually travel agencies are perfectly informed about the resort’s business hours.

disney world vacationWalt Disney World receives the largest number of visitors between February and August and during new years’ eve celebrations. During January, September, October and November, however, the number of visitors is smaller. Tuesday is the day in which more people visit Disney World, Sundays and Fridays are the days when fewer visitors arrive.

walt disney worldMagic Kingdom and MGM theme parks begin to empty at around 4:00PM, whereas Epcot Center becomes more crowded from that time of the day until night. Surely this is due to the considerable supply of restaurant presented by Epcot and to the extraordinary firework and laser show that takes place there at night.

disney world vacationsIn every theme park there are notice boards informing you about your location, the location of the attractions and the approximate waiting time for each one of them. You will also find Disney World staff ready to assist you in case you have any inconvenience or doubt (you will always find someone from the staff who speaks your language). Knowing the waiting time of every attraction will help you plan better your trip through the park.

disney world ticketsParades take place several times a day. If you saw the parade or you do not want to see it because you are not interested in it, you can use the moment in which it is taking place to visit the attractions that you want: there will be fewer people waiting for them because everyone will be watching the parade.

disney world resortDisney World resort offers important discounts for retired people and young children. Be aware of this and remember to take the identification certifying the condition, be it one or the other.

disney hotelFrom young and not so young children, the parks of Disney World offer little cars that you can easily use throughout the whole resort. There are space areas to be used as parking lots for these little cars. If you want to go from one park to the other, you will not be able to do it with the little car, but you will receive a ticket to collect another one in the park you are going to.

disney world orlandoDisney World has an extraordinary system to facilitate the transport of people with motor handicaps. In general, these people do not even have to queue to enter the attractions.

About the journey in general:

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disney world cruiseWhen you pack your luggage, take good notice of the preceding info about the weather in Florida and check the Internet to see the current weather in this state. Choose carefully the clothes you pack. Do not forget including clothes for rainy and warm days, but bear in mind the following: early in the day you will be cold because the sun has just risen, but at noon and after walking for 4 hours you will be very hot, so be warned.

cheap world disney ticketCheck that your passport is updated some weeks prior to your trip to have time to renew it if necessary. The passport renewal paperwork can be long, so do not waste time and do it as soon as possible.

disney world family vacationIf the pressure change affects you ears and bothers you, remember to have a chewing-gum pack to chew on the plane: it soothes the typical pain that overcomes while taking off and landing.

Disney World tipsDistribute your money in different places so that, if you are robbed of a suitcase, bag, or wallet, you do not lose all the money you had.

Disney World informationTry not to include metal objects in your luggage. Metal objects pose serious difficulties to be transported due to security measures at the airports. It is best not to carry metal objects and, in case you do, put them in a place easily searchable to avoid having to undo the entire suitcase looking for them. Apart from metal objects, you must also avoid all those elements that can represent a hazard for the passengers in the flight if they fell in evil hands.

Disney World guideDo not forget to take all the necessary documents to make the required procedures.

disney worldBook your lodging BEFORE leaving home. Do not try to do it from the plane or when you reach your destination: this will only cause you troubles and will stress you.

disney vacationsFind out the address of the embassy of your country in case you have any inconvenient during your stay. It is more useful to resolve migration as well as theft issues with the embassy or consulate of your country.

disney world vacationIf you do not speak the language spoken in your tourist destination, you can get some small dictionaries with daily expressions including an approximate pronunciation. Take a notebook in case you need to have an address or a name written down for, otherwise, you may not remember them.

walt disney worldIf you suffer from any disease, ask your doctor before you travel whether there is any autochthonous or traditional food you have to avoid: some people cannot eat certain fruits or vegetables characteristic from certain regions because they are allergic to them

disney world vacationsAlways take with you the maps of the routes and tourist centers that you visit. This precaution will, at best, save you time and money and, in a more extreme case, it will prevent you from getting lost in an unknown or dangerous area. Even though these maps are very useful, many people feel silly using them. This must not be so: a map is a tool that allows you to find the way either by chance or by test and trial. You are on vacations so do not waste time in useless things that a map can do for you.

disney world ticketsIf things do not turn out as you wished, do not get angry with your travel partners: an inadequate hotel is a problem that can be resolved by changing hotel, whereas a fight with your travel partners might ruin your holidays.

disney world resortDo a minimal research about the customs and traditions of the place you are visiting: you do not want people to consider you a bad-mannered person.

disney hotelIf you plan to visit friends or relatives during your stay, check carefully their addresses, telephone numbers, emails, etc, before leaving your home to make sure you can contact them when you reach your destination. It is always a good idea to have someone picking you up at the airport to welcome you and help you with the luggage.

disney world orlandoFinally, do not forget to enjoy yourself and relax. Have fun and keep a wonderful remembrance of your travel with you.

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