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Orlando car hire

Disney car hire

Moving around Orlando is an easy task if you have the necessary info. The city has countless agencies and means of transport. The entire city is full of passenger combis and rented cars. Since it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get to Disney parks on foot, you do not have to miss the recommendations and the information that we give you here.

A very common means of transport around Orlando is provided by agencies, with their combis that pick up passengers at their hotels or apartments, take them to Disney World parks and, at the end of the day, take them back to their lodgings. The advantage of this means of transport is that passengers can relax and delegate the driving responsibility to the driver. It is certainly pleasant to come back from a long day in one of the parks, knowing that you do not need to drive back to the hotel. Another benefit of this service is that if you travel alone, in the combi you will have the opportunity of meeting people that will spend the day in the same place as you are, and perhaps they can keep you good company.

On the other hand, the most popular transport service in Orlando is the car rental service. With a simple paperwork, you can pick a comfortable car from a wide range of rates. There are rental car agencies everywhere, including the airport: therefore, you will be able to rent a car as soon as you arrive in Florida. The most salient advantage of car renting is the freedom of motion. While combis strictly take you from the hotel to the parks and then back to the hotel, with the car you can go for a drive through Orlando, do some shopping, visit friends or do whatever you please. As far as the rate of the rented vehicles, it would be advisable for you to take the time to check whether your airline or your credit car company offer some discounts for this service.

Here we provide a series of suggestions to bear in mind when it comes to renting a car:

disney worldRates: Agencies usually charge either daily or weekly. The criterion they apply is that the bigger the car is, the dearest it is. The luxury of the car affects secondarily on its rental rate.

disney vacationsDiscounts: Many organizations, airlines, clubs, etc. have agreements with car rental agencies through which you will have interesting discounts. We also suggest you to ask your employer whether the company you work for has agreements with any of these agencies so as to obtain some sort of discount in the rental rate.

disney world vacationClassification: Different agencies usually share the same car classification, although the cars you may eventually rent from them are not the same. That is to say, although the full-size four-door classification is shared by all rental companies, it is applied to different quality cars, either as far as trademarks or comforts such as power window, central locking, etc. goes. That is why you should check which car they offer you in a certain category.

walt disney worldTaxes: Every rental car in Florida is subject to certain taxes. Since we consider it superfluous to enumerate the taxes, here we will simply suggest you always to ask for the FINAL rental rate of the vehicle WITH TAXES INCLUDED.

disney world vacationsGasoline: On renting a car, there are three ways of dealing with the gasoline issue. The first way is renting a car with its tank full of gas and committing yourself to returning it in the same conditions you received it. This is perhaps the most convenient way of dealing with the gasoline issue. What you have to bear in mind is that the tank is perfectly full when you return the car to the agency because, otherwise, they will charge you an exorbitant amount of money per every liter of gas missing. The second way is most frequent in small agencies and entails not paying attention to how full the tank is when you receive the car and when you return it. The drawback here is that you will not know how much gas to fuel the very first time. The third and last way is the less convenient: the agency charges you from scratch the rate of the gas needed to fill the tank estimating an average of gas rates from different gas stations. They give you a car with the tank full, but the bad thing is that, unless you return it almost without fuel, you lose.

disney world ticketsInsurance: Each agency deals with this topic differently. What all of them have in common is a basic daily insurance (no discount of any kind included) that covers crash, loss, accidents and personal goods. Insurance is compulsory: if your credit card is a Golden (or higher) American Express, Visa or Master Card, it will cover the insurance expenditures, but it is always best to check first. (If you live in the United States, most probably the company that insures your own car covers all you need as far as car rental goes: check).

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