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A good accommodation is a paramount condition to spend a good vacation. Uncomfortable conditions, transport inconveniences, location itself or merely disappointing holiday lodgings may give you a rough time that can be easily avoidable. In this section we will discuss the different accommodation options that you and your family can find in Orlando.

People who choose Disney World usually face the typical dilemma regarding the convenience of opting for a hotel either in or out of Disney World property, that is to say, a Disney hotel located in the resort, or a certain hotel outside of it. The truth is that it should not be a dilemma that causes you trouble: here we will present the pros of one and the other, and we will inform you about other comfortable accommodation options to spend your vacations in Disney World.

Hotels: Orlando provides a wide range of hotels at different rates, from luxurious to very economic ones. In any way, all of them keep the necessary standards to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. In general, hotels in Orlando have swimming pool. Even though these hotels are not owned by Disney World, the facilities to reach the parks are all the rage. The combi van and transport companies for tourists provide the transportation that you and your family need to easily reach the Disney World park that you want to visit and to return from the park back to the hotel. These combis also go to Universal Studios and Sea World. The rates that hotels charge per night ranges from U$D 50 to U$D 250, you can also find hotels for less than U$D50 and others for more than U$D250. Since there is so much competence between lodgings, including Disney’s hotels, rates vary constantly to attract more clients. It is advisable to contact these hotels to check their rates.

Hotels’ main advantage over other ways of accommodation is that they have a cleaning and laundry service, and restaurants. Since Disney World parks open at 9:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM or later, having someone who cooks for you, washes your clothes and cleans your bedroom is very tempting. Do you see yourself choosing the food or washing the clothes at 11:00 PM or even later, after having walked for twelve hours, knowing that you have to get up early to walk another twelve hours the following day?

Condominiums: These are houses or apartments near Disney World that are rented per day. Staying at condominiums is like staying at home: in these lodgings you can cook, wash your clothes, store food and you will have all the privacy that hotels cannot give you. This accommodation option is very common in Florida.

Timeshares: These are houses or apartments purchased for a particular number of days during the year. Timeshares are properties in a circuit from which you purchase a certain amount of days of the year. In general, the purchase of timeshares is for life, like any other property, but in certain cases, the contract stipulates that after a certain number of years, the property returns to its original owner. When you buy one of these properties from an agency, you can be offered just one property over which you will have rights for a number of weeks, or maybe you are offered a circuit. What is a circuit? “Circuit”, as we call it, is the purchase of a certain number of annual weeks in a group of timeshares in different regions of the globe. In other words, you buy three annual weeks and you can use them in Orlando, Los Angels, Paris, Berlin, etc. Timesharing is a very common way of accommodation in Florida.

Disney Hotels, Disney Resorts

Hotels in the property: They are in Disney World resort and there are a considerable variety of rates among them. The advantage of staying at a Disney’s hoteles is that their hosts can enter the parks approximately one hour before the rest of the visitors. However, there are not many attractions opened at that time. On the other hand, if you stay at any of these hotels, you may have some discounts in the parks. However, unlike the hotels not owned by Disney World, reservation at Disney’s hotels has to be done very far in advance.

Retired people: If you are an elderly person and you decide to visit Disney World, you must know that Florida State takes special care of elderly people and provides them with a significant number of discounts. In other words, if you are a retired, you will have access to accommodation at a considerably lower rate than most other people. Parks, in turn, have similar discounts.

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